Dash Embassy cooperates with WINHELLER and Wolf Theiss

Lübeck / Frankfurt / Vienna, 14.05.2018 – The Dash Embassy D-A-CH, the first offline representation of the crypto currency Dash for the region Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is carrying out an official teaching and educational mission for the Dash network. As a physically accessible contact point, it conveys knowledge on the subject of crypto currencies in general and dash in particular. In addition to the history and functioning of crypto currencies, the possibilities of blockchain technology and an understanding of the monetary system and monetary policy, the focus is also on the legal framework for crypto currencies. This is not reliably defined at either country or EU level. For end consumers and companies who want to use crypto currencies, the question of legal acquisition and correct taxation therefore arises at an early stage.

More legal certainty for crypto currencies
Together with qualified partners, the Dash Embassy D-A-CH is committed to providing information and assistance to all interested parties in this area as well. Nationwide, free courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which deal, among other things, with the corresponding legal and tax issues, will be launched this year.

For the Austrian market, the renowned Viennese law firm Wolf Theiss will handle the legal issues. The law firm is represented internationally with 13 offices in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and specialises in banking and financial law as well as tax law. A team of experts deals specifically with crypto issues and will contribute their know-how to the Dash Embassy course programme in Austria.

“We still see a great need for knowledge transfer in the field of crypto currencies. Wolf Theiss is in charge of digitisation and new technologies. We are therefore particularly pleased to support the Dash Embassy D-A-CH in this project,

explains Carina Wolf, Senior Associate Wolf Theiss.

Winheller mediates legal framework conditions
In Germany, the well-known Frankfurt law firm WINHELLER is responsible for mediating the legal framework in the course of the Dash Embassy events. WINHELLER is one of the leading German law firms in the field of cryptographic currencies and block chains and has specialised in tax issues as well as regulatory issues. With this proven expertise, the team will in future design tax law content for the Dash Embassy courses in Germany.

“Many taxpayers are not aware that undeclared profits quickly lead to tax evasion. We want to raise awareness of this – also with the help of our new partnership”,

explains Managing Director Stefan Winheller.

In addition to the legal experts from Wolf Theiss and WINHELLER, Dash Embassy D-A-CH also cooperates with CryptoTax. The tax software provider has specialized in crypto currencies and offers a KPMG-certified solution for tax assessment and declaration for private and commercial crypto currency users.

“As a crypto currency, Dash has the potential to offer a real alternative to cash payments at the point of sale. The prerequisites for this are mass suitability and acceptance, which we want to promote through direct dialogue with interested users and a comprehensive range of information with the Dash Embassy D-A-CH. […] We are very pleased to have found strong partners with WINHELLER, Wolf Theiss and CryptoTax who are working with us to give potential users of Dash and other crypto currencies more legal security,